Formulations that Improve
        Efficiency, Reliability and Durability



The lubricants are blended using base oils and additives from reputed sources. We manufacture all types of lubricants like Diesel Engine Oils, Petrol Engine Oil, Industrial Gear Oils, Automotive Gear Oil, Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic System Oils, Turbine Oils, Antifreeze & Coolants and Brake Fluid.
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Base Oil is the name given to lubrication grade oils initially produced from refining crude oil (mineral base oil) or through chemical synthesis(synthetic base oil). This oil can be either paraffinic or napthenic in naturedepending on the chemical structure of the molecules.
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Oil additives are chemical compounds that improve the lubricant performance of base oil. Oil additives are vital for the proper lubrication and prolonged use of motor oil in modern internal combustion engines. Some of the most important additives include those used for viscosity and lubricity, contaminant control, for the control of chemical breakdown, and for seal conditioning.
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A broad class of substances containing carbon and its derivatives. Many of these chemicals will frequently contain hydrogen with or without oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and other elements. They exist in either carbon chain or carbon ring form.
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